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I took some pictures for Hoopty’s rack browser today, and I’m debating submitting them. I think its an excellent idea, and I’m not snapping nudie shots over here or anything... maybe I’m just shy of being up with the all the hotties ;)


you deserve to be up there with all the hotties ;)

don’t you even think that way, girlfriend. You have every right to be there just like anybody else.
It’s not about the boobies....it’s about the person behind them.

git your rack up there girl! I’m there and my pic is actually LESS than what my swimsuit reveals! ;)

But you are a hottie too! Besides, my rack’s up there, and I don’t feel like I should be up with the other hotties either smile

You *ARE* a HOTTIE!!!

*slaps fo-head*

girls....you are ALL hotties!! Didn’t we go over this?

You guys do good things for my ego smile
I emailed hoopty with some pictures this morning ;) He can pick for me! LOL!

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