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never mind the to-dos!

So I got like a whole lot of nothing done this afternoon!

  • E came home for a late lunch, so I sat downstairs and giggled and kept him company while he ate.
  • I came back upstairs and took a nap, until the phone rang.
  • Against my better judgement, I ran to get it. (bad knee, don’t twist like that!)
  • But it was Megan, so it was good smile I helped her plan her life and told her how easy it was to take pictures while talking on the phone. LOL!
  • I went to the door and snuck outside w/o my pants on to grab my box of new makeup that the UPS guy left :giggle: (while on the phone still!)
  • I caught the end of the sorority house trading spaces.
  • I copied a CD to send to Meg.
  • And now I’m realizing that my to do list didn’t even get looked at. LOL!


That happens to me far too often! I realize right before I go in to brush my teeth that I never once glanced at my to do list all day! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow, right?

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