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red blood cells

New Study Targets Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

"In chronic fatigue about 60 to 70 percent of individuals we found have a deficit in red blood cell production and it’s not picked up by normal medical tests," Hurwitz said. "It’s not generally known in the medical community that there is this problem with red blood cell production."
Wow, this is really interesting. Something I’m definitely saving to point out to a doctor once I get one who will listen to me! smile


can you point me in the direction of a good list of symptoms associated with CFS? thanks kristine! (i’ve finally added you to my reading list and ring!!! took me long enough. duh!)

Hiya Jess smile
These two are basic ones - CDC’s overview and CFIDS symptom list
For more detail and symptoms, check out the Berne' CFS/FM checklist

If you want, I’ve probably got more links that I can dig out of my links page - the recent ones that have been helpful to me are in my lovelinks: cfs category.

ty so much!

This is soo helpful..I’d never heard of CFS before, and all the while I was thinking that I might be having a relapse of mono (but that didn’t seem right because I had the wrong symptoms)...of course I’m going to see a doctor before I diagnose myself, but now at least I’m less afraid that they’ll say, "nope, nothing wrong with you" and then I’d go home and feel like a loser who can’t tell when she’s sick...that was a run-on.. ;)

Oooh thanks! Of to read that now!

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