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background noise

When you are typing and designing and surfing, do you have background noise?

I love singing along with the music. I tend to turn it on while I’m sitting here all the time or turn on the tv during the weekend. The TV might sidetrack me a bit more than the music, but I love the background noise. I swear I code faster and remember what I’m doing if I have something to associate it with - with several web projects, I can tell you exactly what movie I watched while creating them, and I’ll always remember that. smile

E, on the other hand, likes it quiet in here for the most part. He wouldn’t turn on the TV if he wasn’t planning on being focused on it (although he’s sorta okay with me doing it after 3 years of it!)

So today when I started playing some music, it made me think about this, and thought I’d see how it was for others!


I usually have the tv on in the other room. It reminds me from when I was younger and my mother would tell me to do my chores just when one of my shows was on. She’d go on and on about how she used to have to "listen" to it and not watch it. I guess it’s carried over smile

I generally don’t turn on the TV unless I want to watch something specific. I like to listen to music while I’m on the computer but I frequently forget to! I know, that’s weird. Oh well.

I’m a definite background noise girl. I can’t abide quiet, for the most part. If I don’t have my music on to sing/hum along with, I have the TV on. It’s usually the Weather Channel, but occasionally Food Network or Oxygen. LOL I rarely pay attention, but I think I soak up information from it even as I work on something else. 'Cause I inexplicably know a great deal about the 1977 blizzard. ::blink::

Yep, I *HAVE* to have background noise for everything—can’t stand total silence. In fact, when I moved out of the dorms and into my own apartment, people would laugh at me b/c I would to back TO the dorms and sit in the lounge to study for big tests. I had to have people talking around me in order to concentrate as strange as that sounds... Todd, on the other hand, needs it so quiet you can’t hear a mouse when he’s studying. We’re complete and total opposites in that regard.

yup, gotta have noise. I love coding, scripting whatever to music. Something about the rhythm, I think.

I’m with robin on this one - I hate the quiet. I always have the tv on, or music on, or SOMETHING. I do it at work too - I can’t function is winamp isn’t up and running. My husband, on the other hand, is content to sit in silence. AAAAGGGHHHH!!!! =)

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