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As I put my new CD in, I realized I hadn’t shared the fun stuff I got this week! Well, besides the camera :giggle:

Eric got me two cool things I’d been wanting - the Michelle Branch CD (The Spirit Room) and Cruel Intentions DVD. Wahoo! I’ve been wanting CI for a long time! smile And the CD is EXCELLENT. She has such a wonderful voice, and all of the songs are good, not just the 2 or 3 that I had heard. If you haven’t heard her, you should find either Everywhere, All you Wanted, Here With Me and/or Goodbye to You!!! Anyhow, so he got me those and we bought the camera and printer and stuff to go with that. And he let me buy myself the upgrade to photoshop. So I really didn’t expect him to get me anything in addition!

Matthew got me some Healing Garden candles - and once I got them home, I realized that one of the 3 colors was one that I owned a whole set of because I loved the smell when I saw them in Safeway!!!

Lisa got me Burts Bee’s Wax lipgloss, which is fun because I got her a whole set at the beginning of the school year (through Amazon) and they sent it from Drugstore.com to her address at school... and the secretary and teachers had a big debate on whether or not to give her a package from a place called drugstore.com. LOLOL! Oh, and an adorable little Ellie-fant!! She’s so cute!

Megan is a sweetheart, and made me an adorable little book with pictures and sentiments, along with a really cute rubber stamp. I think I’ll have to make a graphic set that says this because I like it! smile

My parents did really good this year. Some years, I get some odd things, but I got all wonderful stuff this time. smile A heating pad (which I asked for, but this one massages, too!), a silver locket from mom, some victoria-money :giggle:, a picture for my wall that I actually picked out and let her buy, and some adorable shelves that I looked at in a catalog but didn’t purchase - they are on their way.

Besides that, I got TONS of birthday wishes from all over the world in my mailbox, and that made me SO happy. Thank you for being my presents, loves!!!

(pictures are coming very soon, I’m just finishing figuring out how I’m gonna do them with a new blog to sort them smile Its so exciting to play with setting something new up!!!)


Hey, I reallly enjoyed your site. I have CFS also, although I am being treated for fibromyalgia through physical therapy. smile Anyways, happy birthday, God bless!

Sorry I missed your birthday. Glad to know you had a good one. smile I love the Michelle Branch album, too.

BTW, I love the smilies you have. I saw the tutorial for them but I’m too scared to try to install that hack to my MT.

woot! sounds like you made out like a bandit! smile