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The other day, Christine posted a link to KlipFolio. At first, I didn’t really understand what it was, but then I got to play with it a bit more. Its a little download which rolls headlines and info from sites that you pick. For example, I have c|net, lockergnome, and theredkitchen !! That’s right, I can see all of the 15 most recent recipe titles. Neato spedito!

I just might do the same for hopelessromantics, although I’m not sure if anyone would care. LOL!


I would care! I want everyone to use it - that way I can see if people have updated their sites without surfing around! Nice when I’m at work and have to keep blog surfing to a minimum some days!

hi, i’ve discovered them just tonight. i know, i’m really late. lol, but this is such a cute application. i’ve just created my own feed for my site and offered on at their site.

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