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my camera


Very first real picture taken with my camera. Eeyore is on top of my monitor, so within pic-taking distance while sitting down ;)

I ended up with a Kodak Easyshare DX3600, and I got it from Amazon. I picked the 3600 because it was the middle range of price of the easy shares, which I read tons of good reviews on. It also has 2X optical zoom in addition to the 3X digital zoom, and after reading more about that, I was glad to be getting the one with this. It shoots short movies, but I doubt I’ll be using that much. Eden (my almost birthday-twin!) was right, it has a kinda funky comic sans MS font on its displays, but it fit in my hands really nicely. So after a lot of thinking and considering, I picked this one.

It takes really nice and clear pictures (that eeyore isn’t even on best quality!)

We got the dock to go with it, and then the HP1115 printer (photoprinting via compact flash card in the side of it). This will act as our anniversary present to ourselves in addition to my bday present :giggle:

Hopefully, I’ll have more pictures to share later ;) I plan to keep some sort of an online directory of my snapshots, because how better for an online girl to do it?! smile


Awesome! Isn’t it great to have a digicam? I’ve had mine for a couple of years so by today’s standards it’s pretty crap, but I love being able to take pics whenever and wherever I want to smile

Yours sounds brilliant, and I definitely can’t wait to see more pictures!! Love the Eeyore, too!

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