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I worked super duper hard today. Who knows, maybe to make up for the bad feelings I was having about yesterday. But dad was in there and had a lot of projects that he wanted me to work on, and I just barely got that set of things done before the end of the day!

Then I came home and went straight to bed for 2 1/2 hours. E came home, but I didn’t feel too hot, so he ate, and we’ve been watching Buffy ever since. (Zeppo on FX, last weeks' rerun of Dead Things, and now Older and Far Away.) I think that we should have a new episode next week, woo hoo! smile

E brought me tulips at the beginning of the week. PURPLE tulips smile Isn’t that sweet? And then tonight, he brought me some daffodils smile They are so pretty. And they look beautiful all in a vase together, with their wonderful purple and yellowness.... He’s so good to me smile

Robyn made a comment in one of her comments about a picture being a perfect set-pic, and I’ve been playing with that, but I can’t seem to get my css positioning to work on it. So I’ve been playing, and its very eductional smile

I’m glad that Tuesday is almost over.
Tomorrow is wednesday. Mental Health day=much needed rest.
Thursday is my birthday. Megan’s coming home and we are having a family meal. (maybe we’ll get to meet Leonard’s new girlfriend!!)
Friday is the end of another week.
All good reasons to be glad that I’m almost into the end of the week.


Ah, The Zeppo - hands down my favorite episode of all time. I’ve seen it over a dozen times and I laugh out loud each and every time.

I just wish they’d air some new eppies on UPN, though. I’m sick of reruns!

Next week starts the last 4 weeks of Buffy beginning with the episode called "Entropy." There are actually 5 episodes, the last night (May 21) is a 2-hour episode! I can’t wait until the Season 2 DVD comes out in June!!!

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