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Something inside of me has been making me so cold at night. I know that it isn’t just the bed because when I climbed back in there this early morning, I cuddled up to E and had 3 blankets on me. As I laid there (and contemplated Robyn’s css because I couldn’t sleep, and had a brainstorm on something I wanted to post on scriptygoddess - my thoughts momentarily vanished!), I felt wave after wave of coldness start at the center of my chest and move its way out. Very odd sensation. It took me at least an hour and a half before I fell back asleep. But at least I slept until the alarm... that’s almost 10 hours of sleep between the two sections smile

The rest of this is woman stuff for myself....

I’m a big dork. I’ve been having a harder time remembering my pills unless they were RIGHT there in front of my cereal bowl (with the awful vitamins). For some reason, I’ve had my birth control pills at my desk, and take them before bed. It was a good time for me to remember before.

So last month and the month before, I had a few little incidences where I didn’t remember taking them for a day or two, but started up again and was just careful about not doing anything [ahem!] that would be bad for a week after these problems.

I noticed yesterday, with a big gasp... that I had missed 4 days. How the fuck did I miss 4 days? In a fucking row? I must be outta my mind. No worries about babies, it was an uneventful weekend, but yesterday I started spotting, and now I’ve started more than that (and I have 2 weeks until I was supposed to start). I guess I’ll call the pharmacy this afternoon and see what the best recommendation is, and how long I’ll have to be back on them before I’m safe again. :sigh: Just one more thing to worry about, ya know?


Kate sets the alarm on her nsync watch....Bye Bye Bye plays at 9:01 everynight to remind her to take hers. Would an alarm help you? Not necessarily nsync, but an alarm in general. *giggle*

I had a friend that attached her packet of BC pills to her toothbrush... she literally wound a rubberband around the handle of the brush, and then she never forgot to take it in the morning 'cause she couldn’t brush her teeth without picking up the pills.

I take mine when the alarm goes off in the morning, I’m getting used to waking up when it goes off at 6.38am on weekends, taking them, and going back to sleep. Sometimes I worry because I can’t actually remember taking them, but I must have, because they are out of the pack. smile

You’ll think of something. Maybe tape them to the monitor?

Thanks guys. It just is really stupid that I’ve been on them for over 2 1/2 years, and never had a problem remembering really until now. I feel like a big booger!!!
I think some of my probm is that I’m sleeping such weird hours and so I don’t feel like anything is as consistant as it was. So I just need to pick a time of the day that’s going to be always consistant. Which is probably why Dara’s toothbrush idea would work well smile
Thank you - you 3 rock smile

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