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dr recap

So here’s what happened this afternoon at the doctors....

I went back in for a follow up and to hear how my bloodwork was. First round came back fine, and then she asked for some more indepth work. Everything was basically normal. One liver related test was a bit off, but she said that was probably because of my weight gain. ANd then there was multiple things to do with connective tissues that she wasn’t sure how to read. She’s going to put in a referal for me to see a rhumatoligist (?sp). Which may or may not help, but she doesn’t want to ignore this in case it is something.

I guess connective tissues issues is something that goes along with lupus, and a rhumatoligist also looks at things like arthritis. It doesn’t sound like it could be all-encompassing of the symptoms, but at least its something solid to look into.

So, when all of the paperwork goes through and an appointment gets scheduled for the specialist, we’ll see how that goes; in 6 weeks, I go back and see my doctor and see how stuff is going.

That seems like such a long time to still be in pain and so tired and not know what’s going on, but at least we are looking at something specific to see if something can be ruled out. That’s a step in the right direction in my book.

I did tell her that I was more emotional after going off the paxil... and she agreed with me that it was better to make sure that the paxil side effects weren’t causing anything else and so I should stay off it... but told me to call her if anything else happened, and we’d talk about that again. So I’ll be watching out for all of that.


I’m glad at least things are progressing! If you have any medical-related questions I can always run them by Schaun, so don’t hesitate!

Hey girl, slightly raised liver function is considered normal for CFS patients. And I’m not surprised that your bloodwork came back mostly fine, it usually does. Did you get my email?

((((Kristine))))) I’m sorry you had such a rough day. I hope that a better one is just around the corner.

I have a bit of knowledge about Paxil. My brother was put on it, which lead him to a nervous breakdown. It was so bad sad I didn’t know what to do for him. He wouldn’t stop taking Paxil and my sister in law finally made him. She threw them away. Since then, he had withdrawals, but oh wow.. he’s so much better off it. It’s like he is a whole different person. He’s happy, he doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat, he’s himself again. It’s so nice to have the old Tom back. I’ve never taken these meds, and I’m too stubborn to do so, but I know what he went through. I hope that you are feeling like the old Kristine soon. Hang in there sweetie.

I hope you get to feeling better.

I seem to get emotional, too, when I’m off Paxil. But for me, it’s worth it all since it helps me function a bit in life. At least I can make a phone call are work without having a panic attack.

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