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nerves and tears

I’d been trying to get ahold of E for the last few hours to remind him about my appointment. But all I get is his voice mail. As the hours have passed and I keep just getting it, I really was starting to worry. My hands are all shakey, and I finally found the work phone number to call in. I tend to have a case of "What Ifs..." while I wait, but hate to bother people. So I told myself that I wouldn’t call until after 2... I tried E one more time before calling Chuck, who said he’d been trying to get ahold of him, too. But he said my appointment was on the calender, that E was leaving early today, and that when he talked to him next time (E calls in periodically after jobs), he’d remind him. Thank goodness. I don’t feel nearly so bad now.

Tears keep coming out of my eyes today. First it was while watching an episode of Buffy this morning. There was no real reason to cry, but I was. Now, Rina told me that GH was having a special episode today and I should turn it on. Even the intro made me cry. Oh goodness, how freaking emotional am I?!

I’m a dork!


You are NOT a dork.....hang in there, there IS a light at the end of that dork dark tunnel. And believe me, if *I* can see it, you can!! smile

I don’t think you’re a dork at all—we all need "cry days" every now and again. Hope everything went ok today—you’ve been on my mind. Hang in there! {{{{{ hugs }}}}}

there are, it seems, a whole lot of people rooting for you!
And on the QT, I watched the GH episode twice today and cried all the way through!

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