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stealers pt 2

ha ha! If you direct link to my stylesheet, I can do some pretty mean things (like backgrounds that say "I stole this design" and the stunning combo of lime and yellow!)

silly rabbit, don’t mess with the css goddess!!!


ooooooh, that’s goooooood.

LOL! Very clever! ;)

Now this kind of thing really makes me angry! Last year, I had set up an online bookstore on my baseball website...I signed up for the affiliate thing, and spent many hours setting up the storefront.

One day, I get this e-mail from some guy who has his own Red Sox website, and is asking me to link to him. I never link to anyone unless I’ve seen their site first, so I go there...and I see that he has a bookstore as well. Okay...so I go and check it out...AND IT LOOKS IDENTICAL TO MY OWN! Yep, this guy stole my text (I actually owned most of the books and movies, and wrote my own commentary about them!), my coding...the only thing he did was sign up for the affiliate thing, and put his number in where mine was.

I refused to link to him, and told him why. Never heard from him, and last I checked, the site is no more!

I HATE thieves! And when they direct-link to ANYTHING, that is even more evil! Good for you for getting revenge on the losers who steal your work!

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