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server down

Explaination time.

It was not my intention to be down all weekend.
It was not my intention to loose email from a day and a half.
It was not my intention to have to spend considerable amounts of time trying to reload my MT archives so that they would work again.


The server I was on over at my former host was where they were storing our data backups. So when the hard drive when kaploey on Thursday night, EVERYTHING went down. And it took them a whole day before they realized this of course. My faith in them was totally bashed again this weekend!

But on Thursday afternoon, I had made my own backup. I am now almost all of the way moved over to my new home at Blogomania. Their new server is roomy and the service is fast. I’m mainly waiting for the dns to change all the way around - theredkitchen and blogplates are a bit behind everything else, but my main pages are working for me now.

I had a bit of fun this morning with Ben trying to figure out why MT wouldn’t work. After a bit of searching on both of our ends, and got E involved, we found that the smilies hack wasn’t playing nice with the new server, and then after that, I was able to run the db files through the upgrade process, and I’m all up without stressing about importing my stuff into a new copy of MT - woo hoo!!!!

So that’s my story. I’m SOOOO glad to be back up, and I’m so glad to be hosted far away from the people responsible for this weekends fiasco for me and so many other people like Ashley and Jess!!!


Hope everything pans out very smoothly the rest of the way for you!

(((Kristine))) I recently went through something similar, except I lost everything.
Good luck!

{{{Kristine!}}} So glad that you are back...I missed you!

So sorry to hear about your computer troubles. sad

Glad you are up and running again! smile

yay! kristine’s back!

my mornings weren’t the same without you! smile

I went through the same thing you did and then some. I was down for over two days and lost two weeks' worth of data. I wish I had been as smart as you and made a recent backup sad I’d love to hear more about how you got MT working again. I’m still struggling with that. *sigh*

Sorry to hear you had to go through all that—but I’m so happy you’re joining us now! Whoo hoo!

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