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Woke up with a headache and major back pains. My face is sore - jaw and kinda tingely like a migraine would be. But resisted the urge to stay home, I’m saving that option for tomorrow. But I shouldn’t be tired - I went to bed at 8something and didn’t wake up until 4something - not bad! I am though... tired, that is. So no makeup, wet hair, and a blanket on my lap, sitting here at work. I’m running a report that should take at least 20 minutes, and already cleaned my desk and sorted the projects here. So I’m making a to do list while I wait smile

Finish taxes - make sure I have oregon’s form
pay bills
write elisabeth back and outline articles
bs project - outline structure | make include files | write tutorials
cut up 2 new sets
get groceries
order garden botanika stuff for girls
start backing up all data for server move (sort alexi directory on hard drive)

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