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pop up ads

Over the last few weeks/month or so, I’ve been having more and more popup ads. After reading the news story about Kazaa having an underlying program, I decided to check out my Add/Remove programs. I found a program in there called "Save Now" and that is a resounding topic in my popups lately. A quick search and I found this - Shopping with WhenUShop - Get Coupons, Deals, Free Shipping!. I wish I knew HOW I got this. I hate popups SO much. I try to stay away from Angelfire and Tripod and other pages jsut because I know I’ll end up with a barrage of popups for the next 10 minutes.

So yeah, if you notice more popups than normal, maybe check and see if you have anything weird in your Add/Remove programs. Can’t hurt to check smile


I found something that I think has been adding pop-up windows to my computer and removed it right away. I think I got it while looking for a crack for a friend (no really, for a friend), but it could be from Kazaa. I hate that crap! Screensavers was talking about pop-up downloads last night on their show too.

Check this out - http://technoerotica.net/mylog/optouts.html

It’s for opting out of popup ads!

a friend tipped me off to a program that helps you get rid of the spyware and popupware, it is called ad-aware and is available at http://download.cnet.com/downloads/0-10106-100-9496406.html?tag=st.dl.10001-103-1.lst-7-1.9496406

it gets especially paranoid and i didn’t understand half of the stuff it was doing, but i definitely get a lot less junk popuip ads now

Download EMS Freesurfer II to kill those popups—It blocks virtually every popup on the net! Infact, the only ones it can’t block are those new flash and java ones or ads you see while running Kazaa.

I’ve been getting these stupid "Save Now!" popups lately and I was unable to locate the program in my add/remove list; It’s just not on there sad

The Save Now thing definitely has something to do with Kazaa. I downloaded and ran AdAware 6 which nicely killed the pop-up (I also found my homepage kept getting changed to findthewebsiteyouneed.com) but when I then tried to run Kazaa I got a message saying I had uninstalled a part that was necessary to run Kazaa. Yeah right. Guess it’s too much to ask to have free mp3s and no pop-up

try searching and downloading kazaa lite it has the possibilty of saying no to these pop up spywarez that you cant do with kazaa.

There are quite a few ways to get rid of ads, and the main sources are: adware and through your browser.
Adware has many removal tools, ad-aware, spy-bot... the list goes on.
Your browser you can either try to tweak, or you can get a better one. I personally recommend Firefox. It’s free, the pop-up killer is turned on by default, and it has awesome add-ons (called extensions) that can kill frame ads, iframe ads, flash ads, javascript ads, banner ads... the list goes on. It’s a lot more secure than IE, and it’s open source - this means that anyone can look at the code, find a glitch and fix it (or tell the makers about it). It’s a small download (under 5 megs).
Yes, you can have IE and Firefox on the same computer - they don’t fight.