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here fishy fishy...

Oh my goodness. I blame Kymberlie for showing off a new game she was playing - insaniquarium. I have played between other things off and on this afternoon, and ended up getting pets to add to my permanent collection LOL!!


I haven’t quite figured out what everything done yet - I only ever kill the carnevoire when I make him.


Oh God! Don’t you love that game? I figured out the carnivore thing about a week ago, I don’t want to spoil it for you, but if you decide you do want to know how to keep them alive for more than a minute or two, drop me a line and I’ll share my discovery... =)

oh my God!! now i blame you for my playing this game for the last hour! i had to pause the game just to come here and see if anyone had figured out the carnivore thing yet. jeepers!! such a silly game yet soooooooo addicting. back to the game now............

:giggle: Yes, its very addicting!
I did figure out the carnivore thing, just now! woo hoo!

oh please, please, please email it to me!!

I made it all the way to the third tank last night before my computer shut down and I went to watch tv. I THINK I’ve figured out Mer, but I’m not sure. Anyone else that far yet?

I just started on my 2nd tank, but I got that far in one afternoon/evening :giggle: I’ll let ya know when I do smile

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