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participation positives: 040802

Its Monday, and time for Jess’s participation positives smile

  • I got to see both my sisters this weekend.
  • Even though my sleep was bad last night, I got lots done at work today
  • The sun is shining so pretty!
  • There are spring flowers everywhere
  • [wavering on the positiveness of this!] my birthday is soon smile
  • I love and I am loved
  • My brother Leonard had a date this weekend, and got his hair cut!!
  • Many of the blogs that were down last week are back up smile
  • I swept the porch and opened all the windows
  • I wrote a huge long post last night and it gave me good ideas
  • I got asked to write an article smile
  • I brought Annette a little present to work today and she LOVED it!
  • its the start of a new week. New is good!


awesome list! congrats on the article request. smile (i replied to your comment in my comments too. hee!)

I love the "participation positives" part! In bad times I try to keep a similar list of "good things that happened today". It usually helps me overcome a tendency toward focusing on the bad or useless stuff. Sometimes I imagine I could make the list electronic and put it in a weblog. (Maybe I could even store it and draw out a full list of good things when I need to know of something to do to cheer me up.) So thanks. I appreciate seeing something like it already around. Cheers.

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