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just call me yellowyellow

I’m all yellowy today - with a yellow shirt under the overalls and a button up yellow shirt over them. (yes, I’m ready to burn the overalls by this point. I’m so sick of only having two outfits that fit me, but I’m NOT gonna stay this weight, so I’m NOT gonna buy clothes to fit me now!)

So besides my yellow-ness, the sun is out, which makes for even more sunshiney yellow everywhere.

I feel much better than I did yesterday afternoon, and I’m hoping I can work hard without overdoing it today. Balance, balance!


My first thought when reading your subject..."YellowYellow. After the age of three, children begin to lose the process of reduplication." *g* That’s one of the phonological processes I have to learn for my test this afternoon. So thanks for making me realize that I have indeed learned something, and quite possibly won’t fail the exam after all. LOL

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