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I’m testing out a remote blogging tool called w.bloggar. After an email with some great instructions (which showed me where I went wrong in setting it up!!!! - it connects to the mt-xmlrpc.cgi file!), I think I have it running!

It works on multiple blogging softwares - easiest is blogger, but it works with mt and gm and more.

The kinda cool thing about it is that you have formatting options and easy to do pics and links and stuff right from this window. And you can preview, too. I don’t know if I would use it on an every day basis, because bookmarklets are so easy, but its kinda a nice tool!

edited to add: I don’t think it had a title spot in its entry box, or a category selection spot. So for this blog, it won’t be something I would use on a normal basis. Hmm.


How about a little review of w.bloggar? wink

hi kristine! i want to pass this info along to you: http://blog.orangeclouds.org/mtarchives/000182.html smile

i never know how someone has there html comment option set... hee! here ya go...

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