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afternoon movies

Nothing could be better than a USA movies back to back of She’s All That and 10 Things I Hate About You! I do so love these movies!! They are some of my favs of the teen flicks with such great stars in them smile

So I went grocery shopping while watching smile


Hee hee - I watched "10 Things..." too, and saw the start of "She’s All That". I want to see the latter in full sometime; I’ve seen "10 Things..." about a million times 'cos I love Julia Stiles & Heath Ledger! Especially that bit where he sings to her and the marching band plays *giggles* smile

We watched "10 Things" tonight too! We didn’t watch "She’s all that" though cause we rented "The Score." But did you notice that the black actress who plays Bianca’s friend is the same girl that befriends Laney in "She’s all that"?

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