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digicam - zdnet c|net

I was looking for some digital camera stuff, and thought it would be great to first figure out What Kind of User Are You? - well this would be all fine and well except that this is from September 2000!!! Goodness!

So I’m on to c|net, which has been a bit more helpful. They give all hp cameras bad ratings, so I guess maybe I’ll not look at them for the moment. I’m hearing a lot of good things about the Kodak EasyShare’s.... [Kodak DX3500, DX3900]

I want to get something easy to use. I’ve never had a *real* camera, only 35mm point and shoot models. I would like to be able to zoom in for things like graduations and longer range scenery (like "stop the car, that’s a beautiful view" :gigglesmile. I don’t want too old of a camera because if I’m gonna spend the money, I want to get something worth it. So no less than a 2.0 megapixel. I’m probably most interested in a media type that’s easy to use - like Compact Flash or Memory Stick... I saw a lot of printers that you could just insert your media into the side of them and print straight from that. That could be really cool. (I’m planning on getting a printer when I get the cam). But mainly, I want to be able to do screen work, not print. So I don’t need to be able to print a high high quality 8x10 image out of what I shoot... but 4x5s would be nice. I’d also like something that has a rechargable battery option possibly so that we aren’t going through batteries all the time. Oh, and I really could care less about video modes... maybe for playing with once or twice, but mainly still photos. Price range? E and I haven’t talked about that, but from what I’m looking at, under 400ish (with any accessories like dock, batteries, extra media) for the cam so I can still afford a printer.

A few more links - Canon PowerShots get good rations on cnet [A20] Fugifilm FinePix 2600 comes with a charger and has good user opinions. After browsing Amazon, I found a package deal for an HP that doesn’t look too bad - HP 318.

So after a few hours of searching, I suppose I’ll go to bed now. If anyone has any comments or help on this stuff after reading this, I’d be appreciative!!


I have a fuji fine pix a101, point and shoot basically. I would like a fuji fine pix 2800. I want something with more than 4x optical zoom. Make sure to find something that will not die on you after 10 minutes of using both flash and the lcd screen. Hmmm I think that is my take on it.

i love my HP 315. the only thing i wish it had was more than a 2.5x zoom—but it uses a compact flash card, which goes right into the CF reader.

i also looked into kodaks when i was getting my cam. the neat thing about the easy share series is the docking station that you use to get the pictures off the camera. if i were to buy another digital camera, i would probably buy a kodak. my cousin’s girlfriend has a kodak, and she gets great pictures from it.

I’ve been very happy with my Canon PowerShot S110. 2x/3x zoom, rechargable, and the size of a thick pack of cards. Great stuff.

Best checklist I found on this was at Adam’s page. Pay particular attention to Rule #10.

My mum just bought a Canon powershot, it’s a spiffy little thing. smile

Oh man... camera shopping is the pits. I spent too much time on it. I’ve seen the Canon S110 and it’s adorable. I would’ve bought it, but it wasn’t compatible with my computer system at the time. I have a Kodak and it’s nice especially with the flash card that holds 100 pics, but pics sometimes get a little blurry.

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