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saturday rest

I feel so lucky to have gotten so much sleep. I slept much of the night, and then got a few hour nap in this morning. My jaw is feeling a bit better, so that must be a positive effect of sleep smile

Its such a beautiful day here today. The sun is shining, and the mountain came out from behind the clouds, and the trees outside are all pink with blossoms. Its 56 degrees, and it feels just glorious smile We’ve got the windows open all over the house.

E took me out to lunch at Red Robin, and it was SO delicious. We sat and talked , and laughed and it was really nice. On the way out, Mom saw us - her and dad had been sitting in the bar. So we stopped and said hi to them. Dad found out already - he didn’t win in the appeal yesterday. Really sad. Basically proves that even when someone is fired for super-justified reasons, the courts really don’t look at the whole story (We found out that Chris had only worked his correct hours NINE times over the period of 2001. And he worked all but 2 weeks of the year. But this wasn’t admissable because it didn’t relate to the actual event of his firing. :sighsmile

E is out getting his hair cut, and I’m back in my comfy jammies. I’m working on a new tutorial for theredkitchen, and putting together an email for the authors over there. I have a new graphics set up that I’m hoping to get cut up. I have an email to get back to Kymberlie (although I’ve tried to send little emails and I’m not sure they are getting through to her) And there are a ton of fonts on my desktop that I’d like to sort through smile

Maybe a nap, too smile

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