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comfy jammies

Ya know what? Soft big jammies are the best thing in the world!!! I love these - they are a soft cotton pants and tanktop in a heathery grey. And they are all nice and big and so soft...

and yeah, I’m going off. :giggle:

Its either that or talk about how my stupid host has an address that appears to not be valid.

Or I could mention how much fun Atomica is ;) But you already know that I’m obessesso girl over that.

Oh, and I started another few graphics sets smile yea!


I love big soft jammies like that too! They’re soooo comfy... right now I’m wearing grey, purple, blue and white soft, soft jammie pants... it’s a kind of subdued check pattern, and they feel so great smile

I also bought new jammies a couple of weeks ago - soft light blue pants with little eeyores all over and phrases like, "thanks for noticing me", and a matching blue v-neck top, very spring-summer like. Although I wear the top like a normal shirt, out in public wink

Hurrah for jammies!

My favorite jammies are red and made of fuzzie flannel...and they have kitties on them! Little black kitties that look kind of like my own Mitty the Kitty!

I also have purple ones with penguins on them!

Soft fuzzie jammies rule!

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