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site down and work stress

What a long day. Not only was work intense and long, my site has been down since 1AM, and that always frustrates me because I worry about what status I’ll find my files and email when the site returns up. As far as I can see, my site files are still okay, but I have no idea if any of my mail during the 1AM-4PM period will bounce to the senders or show up eventually. :sigh:

So needless to say, I’m tired. My dad didn’t let me come home until 2:30, but he fed me on the way. But I feel so dead. I felt so dead this morning. And I’ve been checking all my site stuff since it came back up, and so I still haven’t had a nap or even thought about dinner.

work intenseness: The appeals trial for one of our employees was supposed to be moved until a month from now, and instead, the judge moved it to tomorrow!! So all of our documentation had to be done this morning, and delivered to both the employee and the judge. We had a lot of it collected, but had all sorts of overviews to write, and all of the documenation had to be copied 3 times. So that took almost all morning.

I didn’t bother to do my hair today or my makeup because I felt so bad this morning. Of course, my dad took me along with him to do the deliver of paperwork (as a witness that he got it done before the court hearing in the morning), and he took me to see his friend Shelli, who is a hairdresser and I always feel like I should be impressing. And then he took me to eat. I felt really bad that I didn’t look any better. Oops.

So now, I should either be napping or searching for a new host. I wish I knew the right decision to make. I’m sure you’ll hear about the sites that I do search through later on smile

I’ve sure missed my site today - I depend so much on my sidebar for surfing that I felt lost w/o seeing my friends at least once!!


Todd’s site has been down going on 10 hours tonight and we had the "final straw" break as well. We signed with a new company and we’re doing the download-then-upload game right now. If you want more info on who we picked just give me a yell! We researched all afternoon...

D'oh—I forgot to say I hope you’re feeling better!

I’m the same way about all my bookmarks. They are on my site and that day that my site was down for almost 2 days was nasty. I couldn’t get to my site but then I couldn’t get to all the ones I go to so I just blog leaped that day...hee hee smile

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