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why sad

I’ve been kinda sad the last few days/weeks.

I can feel myself getting worse. Between the jaw pain, my joints, my tummy aches; I feel like there is a cushon of pain around my body and all I have to do is move and the pain surrounds me. Walking up and down the stairs is taking me even longer than normal

My dad really challenged me today at work. My head isn’t quite as good at multi tasking or concentrating as it has been in the past. And him and Leonard were just flying numbers at me and asking me questions, and normally, I deal with that fine. Today, I was having to write them down and THEN answer the questions. And even ask them to repeat a few. That frustrates me and gives me a headache.

Not to mention the fact that E has been noticing that my sleeping isn’t sounding very restful - that I’m tossing and turning and gasping even more. And so then I’m sleeping 2+ hours every afternoon. This has escalated in the last 2 weeks.

I really need to stay on top of my responsiblities. I need to cut back on my stresses. I need to properly prepare for my doctors appointment next week. I need to do some better breathing/yoga. There are so many things, I’m just so overwhelmed. And all of this gives me a sad face.

I wish I might, I wish I may, be all happy upon the new day!


Sorry to hear about all of you ickiness. I hope you feel better! ~hugs~

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