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verisign and godaddy


Please be aware that VeriSign, Inc. (formerly Network Solutions) is sending, via the US Mail, what we believe to be deceptive and predatory domain expiration notices.
The purpose behind these notices is to get the unsuspecting customer to transfer to and renew their domain name(s) with VeriSign Inc. at significantly higher prices.
I got mail from Verisign in my mailbox this morning. Saying exactly what the above link says it did - "renew your domain name for only $29." Since I’ll go over to Godaddy and renew it for 8.95, that’s a rip off!

So watch out - don’t fall for the schemes to pay more!!!


I got the same thing this weekend and finally transferred my domain to active-domain (slightly higher at $10.95 but I’ve used them before) to be done with it! They are SUCH a rip-off!

Thanks for the heads-up on this! I just got a letter from them, too, and probably wouldn’t have thought anything about it if you hadn’t said something!

I’ve never used any of these companies...my domains are with DirectNic ($15.00/year, but the customer service is excellent). Yet I keep getting snail-mail junk from Register.com, offering to renew my domains for twice as much!

Do they think I just fell off the boat?

I got one as well which was odd because I never used VeriSign to register my domain(s). Now I know it’s just a ploy. A very rude one at that. Thanks for the heads up! smile

I got one too and I just threw it away. I use Click 'N Go to register mine. What about the one you use Kristine? Are they reliable?

you should know one thing about this godaddy people, e.g. they register your domain and also host, ok, after they have the money they cut you out from their server when you have Malaysian or Thai or whatever IP. You ask them why, they tell you they dont like this people.

Neanderthal, Breschnew and Reagan ... godaddy ..

I dont wonder why the US are having continous international problems when most of the people there (it looks like) are having such limited intellectual capabilities.

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