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participation positives: 032502

I’m a bit early, but I wanted to do Jess’s participation positive to start off the morning smile
Things I am happy for:

  • Its Monday. That means a fresh start.
  • My dad is in the office this morning, and so we can get some things worked on together
  • I got to watch movies this weekend with E - what fun!
  • Megan is starting a brand new quarter this morning, and I’m so proud of her for making it through her first 2!
  • I love and I am loved
  • purple lights around my desk make me smile
  • I’ve gotten a lot done this morning
  • I have new links to add to my sidebar, just waiting for me to open the file and add them.
  • I cleaned my desk before I left on Friday, and now I’ll have a clean space to start off the week.
  • Its the 25th smile
  • My carpet is clean now, and that’s one less stress to worry about!
Happy Monday, lovelies!

To Do List:
it was getting long in my head, and these are things I need to work on this afternoon!
reply to emails
hr: add recent comments to sidebar
trk: write all authors; focus on food, new features
anniversary webring


yay! missed you last week. smile

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