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will smith and legs

E has been flipping channels insanely behind me. I’ve been playing Civ III, and so I’ve been half watching. We watched part of True Lies, and now Independence Day is on (after watching Will on Wild Wild West, I am having fun with another movie w/him in it smile )

My newest cfs-related symptom is the pins and needles sensation (parasthesias) in my legs. I sit for a little while, and my legs fall asleep. I need to get up and move my legs more frequently. What a pain. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, the last time I drove home, my legs fell asleep on me. That scared me, even though I still had movement, the tinglyness was getting worse. Blah.

All the blogs are talking about the Oscars, and E’s got no interest apparently in watching, and I’m not feeling like getting up and stealing the remote! I’ll read the reviews and stuff later on, and check out the fashions on E! smile


You’ll have to check out my comments for the Faith Hill post—tons of horror fashion photos there! Sorry about the CFS symtpoms, btw. sad Do you ever get the one where it literally feels like poison is bubbling through your veins from the inside-out? That’s the absolute worst one for me—my hands and feet feel like they’re on *fire* when that happens!

Oh, I babbled all about it ... lots of links and everything else. Tons of commentary - be sure to stop by! smile

Oh my I have had that for a long time and originally the doctors said I had MS but now she has diagnosed me with the whole CFS thing which Robyn is helping me to seek another opinion but I swear I have so many of the symptoms what a mess. As for the awards I seriouslyneed to watch more tv I miss all the good stuff smile

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