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sleepy sunday

After a night of very little sleep, I’ve been trying to catch up today. E lit candles and pulled the shades all the way down, and that seemed to help at least in the falling-asleep area.

We watched movies last night - Reindeer Games, which was very odd, and then Godzilla. Now, we just finished watching Wild Wild West, which I hadn’t seen since it had come out in theaters. It was fun, even though we couldn’t find any new releases that we both really wanted to see.

E and I just made English Muffin Things. I call them that because they aren’t English Muffin Pizzas. :giggle: You take shredded cheese, and a bit of mayo, and baco bits, and mix it together and pile it on top of english muffin halfs, and then bake them for 15 minutes or so. They are yummy!

I feel very boring. I hope its just one of those days, and tomorrow I’ll feel more interesting. smile


I could never find you boring! Other than the lack of sleep it sounds like you have had a rather relaxing weekend! Nothing boring about that smile

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