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late night reading

Yesterday night, I was surfing my blogs and found Brainstorms and Raves' special Attack on America. Shirley put together some amazing links to amazing stories over here.

Its really not the thing you should read in the middle of the night when you can’t fall asleep. You go back to bed with visions of 9-11 in your head. But I was glad I got a chance to reread these. I don’t want to forget these things. I want to remember why we are fighting, and why the tragedy effects us so much.

My secretary and I had a conversation about this the other day, and she has the feeling like everything is such a big publicity stunt surrounding the special lights in the sky right now. I thought it was an amazing way to honor the people. She says that "the world didn’t stop when my mom died - it feels so weird that there is so much going on to help the families of the victims when normal people die every day." I don’t know, I can see that this is an extraordinary situation, and if I was anywhere near NYC, I’d find a place to go to see ground zero and I’m sure it would cause me to want to pray much more for everyone participating in righting the terror that happened.

So anyhow, I was impressed by this link and if you are interested, you might be impressed too.

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