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shopping trip!

I went shopping last night!! Megan and mom and me went to the mall (under the condition that I needed to go slow and rest periodically), and it was so nice! I haven’t been shopping for like 3 months, so it was such a treat. black dress, a cami/pants set to lounge around the house in, 2 new bras, more underware, some red glasses, and some silky jammie pants.

Of course, since I haven’t worn anything but my overalls to work forever (since they were the only thing that fit - I did change shirts and sweaters and stuff on top every day!)... I’m wearing the dress today. I really don’t have the perfect shoes, but that’s okay, everything else is way nice smile


ooh.... methinks i need one of those black dresses. it’s so adorable! smile

AND, its so comfy it feels like I’m wearing jammies to work :giggle: Its got really subtle black ribbed lines in it, so I got really subtle black ribbed tights to wear with it - which not only looks good, but it helps suck in all of the extra fat ;)

Very cute dress... I love wearing things like that, 'cause they’re so simple yet you look polished and feel positive about yourself. Plus, it looks like it would be pretty with sandals, too, when it gets warmer.

Ooh, that IS a cute dress. We’re getting an Old Navy here sometime in the near future, that’s making me glad I’m trying to get down to those sizes. smile

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