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I’ve had a lucky morning so far. I got to sleep in this morning, and then by a stroke of luck, I found both Rina and my Zalary-love online to chat with and saw Megan online real fast to find out when she’s coming home (she left at 10 and plans to stop and see me on her way home smile Yeah!)

Then I rested in bed and finished reading my book. The Duchess, by Jude Deveraux, who I love. I’ve had it in the bathroom for the last few weeks, catching little bits and pieces of it at a time. But then it got so good that I actually had to sit down and read more of it!

So then I woke back up and replied to a few emails, and then E appeared to eat some lunch - he had left his lunchbox here accidently! So I got some hugs and kisses.

Amidst this, I am pretty sore and tired and achy and fuzzy, but at least I had some happy things happen in between smile Yay for days off...

To do:
Reply to Melissa
Reply to Chrissy
Figure out Anniversary ring and write Cheryl

sets - check out which ones are in process and figure out which ones need what done.

personality project
collection templates

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