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girlie duckie

This was just TOO cute to not post...

Very cute, very pink, and very feminine. That’s you.

Find your inner rubber ducky.

Yes, I think that fits :giggle:


Saw you updated on weblogs.com seeing if my update was listed, too. Corrected a problem I was having with MT and wanted to see if it worked. How cute. Think I will take that quiz, now!

I’m the classic yellow duckie!

Everyone says love is great
But what happened to the great times
Like our first kiss
Like our first phone call.

Now he’s making promises he can’t keep
How am i suppose to know if he really dores love me
How do i know hes not cheating on my.

He says he cares for me
But how do i know he meens it,
and brought him to me,
Should i beleive him?

But then he got ISS for me
And he basically gave me my first kiss,
I listen to sad songs to see if they match our love,
But sometimes the songs can’t explain it.

Sometimes he makes me happy
Sometimes he makes me sad,
So maybe i am in love,
But all i know is
No one makes me feel so happy
Like he does.luvya

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