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Tuesday blabbing

I’m feeling considerably better this morning. Last night, i could barely walk by the time we got home, but this morning, I actually could lift the gallon of milk for my cereal! smile My headache still isn’t gone or anything, but the sleeping helped.

Cristofori’s Dream by David Lanz just came on my winamp playlist. I love this song. My roommate my freshman year of college had a Narada CD with the song on it, and I could put it on repeat and listen for hours on end. I started to learn to play it when I was taking piano lessons, and got somewhat okay. Its been a long time since I’ve touched the keyboard. Something you might not know about me - I have actually written 6 songs, and played one of them at my high school graduation. smile

I lotioned my hands up with Love Spell just now; it was pretty dry in here, and so my hands are happier now. It helps a bit with the arthritisy feelings, too smile

AOL has logged me off like 10 times in the space of time I’ve been here (about an hour!) For no good reason, it just gets annoyed and signs off.

Oh, and I thought theredkitchen had a lot of hits last Thursday - its almost doubled that number already today! smile

I think I’m finally getting warm. Its been a colder morning, and took me an hour+ worth of heat in here to get it to the point that I just took off my coat!

Its the start of a Tuesday, and its my first half day. I can go home and take a nap for part of the afternoon - woo hoo! smile

Do you think that if you whine more yourself, you are annoyed by people who whine? I’ve around Annette all day, and she is so negative sometimes - like coming in and saying "This day already sucks." And just assuming that the day is just destined to be bad. My best friend in college was like that a lot. I know that I whine a lot, but I hope I never am this negative so much of the time!
I can almost always find SOMETHING to be happy about, even when things are bad. smile

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