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this or that: 022602

Its time for Ashley’s This or That! smile

  • Dial-up or cable? Cable. So so speedy! I have to use AOL at work, and its so sad when I get logged off every 10 minutes or so!!!
  • Wal-mart or K-mart? I tend to lean towards Target, but if I must decide, Walmart.
  • Butterfly or dragonfly? Butterfly smile I always wanted a butterfly tattoo.
  • Plus or minus? Plus, because I tend to be more positive than negative!
  • Liberal or conservative? Well, I suppose its who you compare me to. Overall, I guess I’m more conservative than liberall.
  • Do you believe in God or not? Yes
  • Sun or moon? I think the moon is beautiful smile
  • Do you exercise regularly or not? No. I get pretty darn tired out when I exercise, so I’ve cut back, and do more breathing and yoga stretches for now.
  • Coffee or tea?I like the smell of coffee, but I like the taste of tea.
  • St. Patrick’s Day or Easter? Easter smile Its usually near my bday, and I love the soft pastellly colors!

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