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outgoing mail

Blech, my outgoing mail has been all weirded out all morning. I have to figure out for the people who use my mail a constant solution because I just randomly click settings in outlook to try and fix it!!!


Hey this happened to me yesterday with my Aletia accounts. The guy suggested I use my ISP’s SMTP account, but I say I’m paying to use Aletia’s so it should work. He gave me this tip:

It worked after I checked the "My Server Requires Authentication Box" under Tools > Accounts and then to each account and then under the Servers folder. Hope that helps!

Funny how it worked without it before!

That’s been my problem too! I was actually going over there tonight to see what was up. Thank you for linking this!!

That worked what Dawn said to do. Thanks to you also, Dawn!

I got your e-mail from earlier - just need to respond to it. smile Just wanted to give you a head’s up!

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