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In Lockergnome’s Digital Media mailing yesterday, I was intrigued by a link to a cam site for Inverness Castle. This name sounded very familiar to me, so I pulled out my scrapbook to see where we stayed in Scotland.

The Newton hotel is actually only 10 miles from Inverness, so I’m guessing that’s where our train pulled into (it was a sleeper train!) This hotel looks like a castle from the outside smile And we stayed in a room called the "Charlie Chaplain Suite" - with pictures of him in the suite, I believe! I was 8 when we went there, so details are fuzzy, but I remember an elegant meal, and our huge room. It was very pretty smile


The Inverness Castle in this photo, if I recall correctly from my trip there in '99, is actually now a local government building.

I loved Inverness Castle! It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip to Scotland.

Beautiful! I want to go there now myself!

I loved Scotland! I stayed in the UK for six weeks or so with my aunt and uncle in 1990 and we went up to Inverness and out on Loch ness. Amazing place.

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