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doing things!

Well, I’ve actually gotten a few things done this morning/afternoon!! After getting up and eating breakfast with E, I played some Atomica and then took a rest. I didn’t actually fall asleep, but it was a nice break, and I did some stretches to work out the kinks in my muscles and some good breathing.

I worked on my to do list some, and E came home for an early lunch. I tested out burning my first CD, and it worked!! I’m so proud of me!!! And even cooler, it plays on our downstairs DVD/CD player, even though the tracks are mp3s. This is way neato because think of how long 152 mp3s would play when you put it on repeat?! smile

I sorted my craft desk, and that’s been a long time project I’d wanted to do. I still have filing, but its closer, and I can see the whole top of the desk smile

Dusted a bit, and did some dishes. I’m gonna start some rice cooking to make a casserole after a while.

Its so nice to feel accomplished smile I have many more things to work on, but its good to have gotten somethings going smile

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