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FYI, Gina isn’t gone, her hosting company (my ex-hosting company :blechsmile are being stupidheads. She’ll be up again soon smile


Aww thanks sweets!! The DNS is resolved.. I’m having a wee problem with MT though.. it’s driving me bonkers. LOL Something about the index.html.new file not found? Hmmm I’m at a total loss, considering I’ve had MT running before..

Thanks for the note! Apprecite it! smile

Gina, it sounds like something might not be chmoded all the way - maybe a directory the houses the index page?
Let me know if you need more help than that, and I’ll look for answers smile

Hi Kristine.. well I figured that out. I didn’t have the path set correctly. But now I can’t get the comments to work! It wasn’t this hard when I installed it a few weeks ago for Step By Step! LOL

I’m ascared to try MT.

LOL Amy.. it’s actually pretty cool. Your a smartie, you’d have it up and running in no time!

Hey sweetie.. thanks again for letting others know what was up with RT. I appreciate it!!

I have MT installed.. woohoooooo now I just have to figure out the templates, but that’ll have to wait until my mind calms down from the installation. LOL

Thanks again! laughing

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