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baby face!

You must go over to snk: babyface!!!! Erika did a fab job, and it was so much fun to play!

Plus, I found a few new people that I haven’t met yet - another Christine, Sara, a new link for Anathea, refound Brandy and Stacey.

So can you guess which one is me??


I actually DID get yours! Whoo hoo! You were such a cutie patootie, too.

I did. Hehe. smile

Interesting - most of the ones I got right are the ones I know and visit. Perhaps, the personality comes shining through and we know which is you?


Meryl, I felt the same way, even though I was pretty sure I hadn’t seen baby pics of some of the people, I knew them right off... and those were the people I know best smile

I got 8 out of 8 - 4 were no brainers for me, yours, Laura’s, Todd’s and Susannah’s..... LOL the rest I had to really look! And guess I didn’t look that good. LOL!

I got 8 out of the 16, but I didn’t get yours. After I saw the results, though, I was like, "Man I should have gotten that one!"

I got yours right away! And only the other REALLY obvious ones. LOL!

i got you right away too! i only got 9 out of 16 though - there were a few obvious ones but i did alot of guessing!

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