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tired of course!

I guess I really was tired today. I mean, I slept from 8:30-11ish, and then didn’t do much at all today. I just laid down on the couch to watch Trading Spaces and almost fell asleep! So I decided not to do anything big for dinner tonight. I’ve still got hamburger buns, so we’ll do sandwiches (gardenburgers or tomato basil pizza burgers for me, and chik patties for me). And I bought some cole slaw mix this week, but it didn’t come with dressing like I thought, so I did some searches until I found a cole slaw dressing that I had ingredients for (mayo, vinegar, milk, and sugar! I subbed red raspberry vinegar, so I’m not sure how it will taste, but it smells okay). It’ll be kinda picnicy food smile


That’s not bad; I woke up from a nap after cuddling with my mate who was napping. He woke up a bit before me and started making his own supper and didn’t make me anything, then couldn’t figure out why I woke up hungry and angry. Blah!