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sweet vibrations

Wanna hear about the present my sweety got me? A back massager that fits on my desk chair! I’m getting a massage right now, as I type smile Perfect present for a girl whose back is always sore and spends too much time in front of the computer!

I think he got jipped - I didn’t go nearly as far with his present... and I truely didn’t expect a present. . . but this was so sweet, as was the card he got me smile

We had chinese for dinner - yum yum! And now, the beginning of my long weekend. What a delightful joy this is looking forward to being! smile


I’m not even gonna tell ya what crossed my mind when I saw the title "sweet vibrations." LOL!

Hey, I found you in my referrers... thanks for linking me! =) BTW, the URL you used is probably going to change pretty soon. the /3/ is the version number I’m on, so it may be safer to just use asnightfalls.net =)

LOL Kathy!!

that definately sounds like something i could use. along with a new desk chair, because this one makes me slouch something wicked!

That’s what I call lucky smile

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