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dreams and day off

So a lot of my dreams lately have been so bizarre. Very vivid, though, which makes me wake up not very rested... Last night was really weird. I dreamt that I was in heaven. And we didn’t know we were at the beginning. But ya know what? Heaven was full of beds with cozy blankets, and you could carry your blanket around with you and use it for other things throughout heaven!!!! :giggle: That was only a bitty part of the dream, but it was the funniest.

So I woke up E, and ate breakfast with him, and then headed back to bed until about 15 minutes ago smile What a perfect feeling, I don’t have to stress about ANYTHING today!!!

Oh, yes, I’m at home. I’m supposed to be working 2 day weeks, but this week I worked Wednesday, and it was SO much work. Taxes always are. So I muchly deserve my 4 days off before working again.

My plans for the day? Mostly relaxing, but some household work. I have laundry piling up, and dishes from cooking on wednesday night. The office needs straightening up, and since its sunny, I see dust that needs to go away. But nothing too taxing. Mostly relaxing smile

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