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IncrediMail - Email has Finally Evolved:

Have you ever found that the common task of sending and receiving emails is dull, redundant and tedious? Ever wanted to send emails that look livelier than standard emails? Would you like to add some thrill and experience to your email, a message that goes beyond text?
You sure can. It is only natural that in some cases plain text email is the most appropriate to send.
(emphasis added)
Oh my goodness, I know this isn’t meant to be funny, but dang! I spend time trying to get rid of spam that’s full of colors and images; this company wants everyone to have this?!!

I’m sorry, maybe its the cold that made me giggle so hard. I don’t think that when Gina posted it, she meant for it to be that funny. :giggle: I’m silly!


My thoughts exactly!! smile

incredimail rocks

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