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morning thoughts

SO yes, its my mental health day. E said that wednesdays wouldn’t mean nearly as much to me once I was taking off Mondays and Fridays, too, but I’m still glad to be home.

I’m a little down, trying to make decisions that I don’t know how to start making. So after a nap, I went and did some yoga-like breathing exercises and a bit of stretching. My joints are just too sore to do most of the poses, so I’ll just do my best. I took a nice long bubble bath and shaved my legs (which I had been neglecting. hey, its winter!) I have my water bottle full of cold water to encourage me to drink even though I’m home. I spent the last little while sorting some more of my music files. And downloading more, of course, while I was at it. I’m sure getting a big collection! smile Makes it fun to put things on random when its tons of hours worth of music smile

So I haven’t quite done anything productive today. I guess its lunch time, so I’ll go eat something, and maybe while I’m down there, I’ll figure out dinner plans and wash some dishes. Yeah, that’s a good plan. smile

Update: I went downstairs and did some thorough cleaning of the kitchen, and ate lunch, and planned dinner, and shined my sink, and put away a whole load of dishes, and ran another load of dishes, and now I’m back upstairs. I’d say that isn’t bad for feeling unproductive! At least one room is nice and neat for a while.


Go flybaby go! heh. It’s amazing what a shiny sink can do for the soul, eh? :c)

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