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this or that 020502

It wouldn’t be Tuesday without Ashley’s This or that?! smile I love being stuck on doing these fun daily things smile They give me something to look forward to!

  • Coke or Pepsi?Coke! Cherry coke, specifically. smile
  • McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken? McDonald’s, I suppose. Subway is best smile
  • Pizza or subs? Pizza is SO good, 'specially Pizza hut thick crust... but subs on a day-to-day basis smile (Hi Todd, the sponsor of the question ;) )
  • Nintendo or PlayStation? Playstation. I love Spyro!
  • One credit card or more? One. I have a few department store ones, but mainly one, and even that one has been debt free for months.
  • Photos of people or photos of nature? Hmmm... I do love beautiful nature pictures, but pictures in my house need to be of people I love.
  • In the car, do you listen to the radio or CDs/tapes? Radio usually!
  • Would you rather see a dentist or a doctor? Doctor, because Dentists are evil!
  • Did you watch the Super Bowl or not? Not. I am not a big sports girl.
  • American or non-American made car? Foreign; we are a Honda-family!


OMG you love cherry coke too! smile

We love Hondas, too!

More Cherry Coke fanatics! It’s so great to find more of you!

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