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quiet and contemplating

I’ve been quiet today.
I’ve worked super hard, getting tons of stuff done.
I got a letter from my dad this morning that now has tear-marks on it. He said it did on his end, too.
So much to think about, so many potential changes, but how much can I handle?

I am gonna wait till tomorrow to focus on it more, and get as much done today as humanly possible.

Poor E - I gave him my sickness, and he’s at home resting today - he couldn’t sleep at all last night and stayed up instead. He’s all stuffy-headed just like I was sad I always feel bad when I’m the one who brings the cold to the house.

I just tried the new McDonalds Chicken Parmeseana sandwich, and it was actually really good. So was the apple pie. Okay, so today wasn’t so healthful of eating for me ;) Silly kristine-y!

And now I’m back to work. I’m gonna check out the production sheet and look at what might need to be ordered, and then back to my number crunching smile

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