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bits of two movies

Sometimes, you just need to watch pieces of some wonderful movies that NEVER get old.
Coming to America AND The American President are both on right now smile These two are some of my very favorite, for very different reasons of course. I mean, how can you resist laughing at Darryl’s family getting up from the couch and leaving Soul Glo all over the back of it? :giggle: My dad makes jokes that go back to this ALL the time. And doesn’t Syndey Ellen Wade dancing with the president just warm your heart? smile Smile, 'cuz I am smiling smile


I love both of those, too! smile

weee! I always watch both of those when they’re on TV!

I love "The American President" - I think when I can next afford a DVD hit I’m definitely getting that one, since it always seems to be on at odd hours of the night & I have to go to bed *sometime* wink

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