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zap2it listings

I do like the Zap2it TV Listings page. Its cool because it has summaries of everything playing, unlike Excite’s new format and without the load time of TVGuide’s page.

I was looking to see what would be on BESIDES football today. I’m not a sports-chick. I never have claimed to be. So I go for the alternatives on super bowl sunday... unless I happen to flip by when its a commercial ;)

I see that the rerun of Trading Spaces from last night is on today @12. I really wanna see because I’ve heard rumor that some people aren’t very happy with this design smile But it appears that it is also on wednesday night, so maybe I’ll wait till then.

My head is still pretty stuffy, and my ears are kinda ringy, so I think its nap time. sleepy sleepy girl smile


Gone With the Wind is on a five today, on TNT. *g* They’re doing a whole Civil War Sunday...YAY! Thanks for the info on Trading Spaces...MA told me about it last night, and I can’t wait to see it for mysef! It sounds so crazy. *g*

But don’t forget Brit’s new commerical in the second SB commercial break. ; )

Watched that episode of "Trading Spaces" last night. The rooms are ok, in my opinion. Personally, I think Frank does the best work. I don’t want to spoil it for you.

Ohhh goody. smile I’d wanted to see that episode... It’s always interesting to see when things go awry on TS.

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