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what season are you?

Okay a fun afternoon diversion. You can answer here in the comments or on your own blog and leave a note here....

  1. What color season are you? Color Makeover I’m a clear winter
  2. Do you wear clothes that reflect this? yes, sometimes the lighter version of these colors - I lean towards the clear spring version sometimes.
  3. Do you like your color season? yes, it reflects me very well. I look very good in dark colors with my light skin. And my hair looks good with the colors I wear. I like being able to be dramatic with brighter colors and neutral with blacks.
  4. If you could wear clothes from one season, which would it be? I’d like to be able to wear some of the spring colors a little more, even though the winter ones are good.


1. I am a light summer
2. I guess so?
3. Yes. smile
4. I wish I could wear beige or light grey. It makes me look *blah* and washed out.

ooh, what a fun quiz. i’m going to go do this on my blog now! you’re awesome!

I did it, I did it! smile

1. I am a light spring (though I don’t think I really matched any of their choices).
2. Yes, those are the colors I’m drawn to.
3. Sure.
4. Um, I’m not sure. I love red and don’t look very good in it.

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